She came thru some changes and never let the rain get her down
Left the country home, young and alone. She was city bound
Cool autumn breaks in her small town

Bus arrived late, she gazed thru the hazy night
Stepping off the stair, the old man graying hair smile
Enveloped by the cold, winter light

Missing all her friends but the party never ends with city life
The roller coaster ride just eventually collides with strife
Peel back the shades it’s spring time

Cards from yesteryear, a childhood so dear and she just hides
Heavy Complications lead her astray by miles
A summer tear falls from her eye

Her younger sister calls but she just leaves it all behind
How to find your way home becomes a thought while she’s alone every night
Every night
Every night


Soul Pigeon Collaborators

All instruments JimmSlammyJam
All vocals JimmSlammyJam


Words and Music:  JimmySlammyJam

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