As a collectives of musicians, we want to foster a collaborative and creative environment. We remember a day when musicians just got together and jammed. Today’s’ technology has made it easier to collaborate in some ways but, in other ways, it misses the creative mark. The Pigeons certainly leverage the latest technological team tools but there is still nothing that replaces good old fashion jamming! Below are a list of the contributing Pigeons

Jimmy Slammy Jam

Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Songwriting

Gets his name from his friends at Mind Ignition



Gets his name from eating the scorpion at the bottom of a tequila bottle

Benjo Low


Cuz his name is Ben but Benjo is easy to say and rhymes with low (which is what the bass covers)

Davey T Bomb

Audio Enginner

Gets his name from his signature tom mixes


Percussion, Vocals

Why the name? Billy and he rocks …… So BillyRock! Local legend and always glad when he lends his talents to our cause



Singer, makeup artist and all around cool chick!

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