Messenger pigeons (aka homing pigeons) only work in one direction. They always fly home. So to send a message, you first send the pigeon (perhaps by train) to the other person. When they feel the need to send you an urgent message, they attach the message to the pigeon and let it go. Rock Pigeons search and peck the ground at random. Searching in a seemingly random fashion. As they hunt for sustenance they passively acknowledge that any place can give them what they need.

Birds find a musical center naturally. They communicate through whistles, clicks and auditory entropy. They connect with one another across vast distances and use sound as a beacon.

Soul Pigeon is about creating music similar to how the honing pigeon sends a message. Soul Pigeon is about finding inspiration the way pigeons peck for sustenance. Soul Pigeon collaborates with other musicians like birds of a feather flock together.

We take the honing pigeon approach with our tunes.  We send them away until they need to find their way home to us……..delivery by Soul Pigeon.

Soul Pigeon is based in Cincinnati, OH but recorded all around the US with many contributing musicians.

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