The Head Pigeons


  • Plays: Guitar, piano, mandolin, ukulele
  • Background:  Gets his name from his friends over at Mind Ignition.  He has been composing music for 30 years and most enjoys creating music with his friends.
  • Link to info on JimmySlammyJam

Benjo Low

  • Plays: Bass
  • Background: Benjo, cuz his name is Benny or Ben, but Benjo is easy to say and rhymes with low, cuz that’s what a bass covers.
  • Link to info on Benjo Low

The Scorpion

  • Plays: Drums, Percussion
  • Background:  Gets his name from eating the scorpion at the bottom of a bottle of Tequilla. He enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset.
  • Link to info on Scorpion

Davey T Bomb

  • Plays: Mixing console
  • Background:  Gets his name from his signature Tom mixes
  • Link to Davey T Bomb

The Guest Pigeons


  • Plays: Drums, Lead Vocals
  • Background:  He is the man with the plan.  The Pigeons have played with BillyRock in various bands.   He is most certainly a local musical legend and we were lucky to have him sing some vocals!!   Thanks, Billy
  • Link to info on BillyRock

BillyRock 2018-09-22

K Sauce

  • Plays:  Alto Sax
  • Background:  K Sauce is a great horn player and we hope to hear more from him.
  • Link to info on K Sauce

Brass Boi

  • Plays: Trombone
  • Background:  Smooth slide trombone sounds from Brass Boi.  He’s definitely got a groovy sound and we loved having him jam on Shoe Commercial.
  • Link to info on Brass Boi

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