Filling Holes


He said “boy what you trying to say,
Have you ever given it a thought?”
I said “Man I think a different way”
And he said “As opposed to what?”

My day is filled with good intentions  without evidence to try
I seek the truth to be apparent without opposition
As a guide

“The new book”, he said, “is a second edition
The more things change they stay the same”
In what he said I found my security
That we’re really the only ones to blame

Throughout our lives we’re taught to be winners which necessitates opposing sides
If we dedicated our lives to stay on top of the current competition
Then who’s best survives?
Who’s best survives?
Who’s best survives?

This songs about filling holes
Getting by without playing their roles
While they’re all fighting for control
Id rather sit right back and loose that hold
Filling Holes


Soul Pigeon Collaborators

All instrumentsJimmSlammyJam
All vocalsJimmSlammyJam


Words and Music:  JimmySlammyJam

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