From The Mountain


I came from the mountain
Bearing all my soul
I came from the mountain
Downhill hearted goal

Worth isn’t measured
Through anothers eyes
You be you and
I’ll be mine

Go now we dare
Ah from here to there
Let me break it down like
One plus three
I want you and baby you’re gonna want me

We go to the mountain
Find a better view
We go to the mountain
Just to see what we can do

Keeping your head down
Ain’t no way at all
Find a way to raise it up
Or just be a chump

Yea there is movement
but staggering delay
Once bitten twice in disarray
Can’t run, you know you gotta pay to play

We stand next to the mountain
Stacking up our size
We stand next to the mountain
Hard to realize

Ability isn’t measured
in time we spend
Output is king babe
Period. End

Pushing thru barbed wire
Get your goal high
Freak ass focus…….Simplify
Can’t do whatcha never really try


Soul Pigeon Collaborators

Lead Vocals BillyRock
Backup Vocals JimmySlammyJam
Guitar JimmySlammyJam
Bass Benjo Low
Keyboard JimmySlammyJam
Drums Scorpion D



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