Is What It Is


Oh my soul
Tell me true
Make it easy
Shine a light to

A way ahead
Nothing behind
Give me an answer
Show me a sign

It ain’t how I pray
There aint no answer to this
The answers can’t just be that
It is what it is

Oh my heart
Let me go
Let me down easy
No one has to know

That it ain’t what I felt
My sadness aint dismissed
The feeling lost at such a cost but
It is what it is

Oh my head
Just rest awhile
Drift to dreaming
Let thoughts run wild

Cause it ain’t what I thought
No answer to this quiz
Lost when I surrender to this thing
It is what it is


Soul Pigeon Collaborators

All instruments JimmSlammyJam
All vocals JimmSlammyJam


Words and Music:  JimmySlammyJam

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