Leave Me Alone


No more time cause I’ve up and died

Please leave me alone

It’s in the air don’t be so debonair

Please leave me alone

Spent the time running with a cowardly cunning

And a blinding light in my eye

Now the roads paved with sand, a flower and a gun in hand

You run the race but cant get back home

Please leave me alone

Your cover is blown

And this bird has flown    

Please leave  me  alone

For heaven’s sake man I guess that’s the breaks

Please leave me alone

Time cuts you to the bone

Please leave me alone

Pulled the plug on the drain, now the water it feels the same

Your drowning all on your own

The mountains are close at hand walking towards the ‘cross the land

You walk the trails that you don’t know so you can be

Left all alone 

Now you’re all alone

All alone


Soul Pigeon Collaborators

All instruments JimmSlammyJam
All vocals JimmSlammyJam


Words and Music:  JimmySlammyJam

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