Living For Sunshine

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Living the life that loves you best

And letting go of all the rest

We’re all stools without four legs

Carrying weight and having to beg

Living for sunshine

Circles sometimes lead you straight

Cause dizzy fish can’t take the bait

Cause all we are is all we are

As simple speck in a sea of stars

Living for sunshine

Gravel road winding through the the wood

Driving through the where the ancients stood

Learning more while knowing less

My sweet surrender knows me best

Living for sunshine

Cold hard chains can’t hold you tight

Cause whatever gets you through the night is alright

Living for sunshine


Soul Pigeon Collaborators

Lead Vocals JimmSlammyJam
Ukuleles JimmSlammyJam
Bass Benjo Low
Percussions Scorpion D


Words and Music:  JimmySlammyJam

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