Music For Film


Orchestral Scoring

If your film requires an orchestral score, we can produce a basic orchestral track (using high quality samples) in our studios. You could use that cue for your film or we can move to create a musical score and hire an orchestra to record the sequence.

Theme music

Sometimes you want a musical theme that you can come back to at various times throughout your film. We can compose that theme and provide a wide array of musical presentations that fit each video sequence.


We can add some atmospheric sound to your video. Give us some general direction on your goals and we can create something that will perfectly match your film. Add tension, increase suspense, or just some ambient noise. We got you covered!


Make your video sound appropriate and realistic with the matching sound elements. Ensure your audience hears the crackling leaves, the pouring rain, the broken glass or whatever sound is needed to support whats on sceen.

Past Work
Thematic music for cartoon

Cartoon Sound

In partnership with our friends over at Mind Ignition, Jim Hansbauer wrote and performed all the music for the cartoon with Mind Ignition doing the sound. We matched each visual nuance with a musical element

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Orchestral Music

Film Examples

Need that classic “big film” sound? Whatever your film requires we have the sound behind your visuals. Check out a few sound examples for some ideas of what we have done. Listen below

Click here to listen

Let’s build something great together.

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