Spoonfed from the TV, show after show
The quest for the knowledge of life just erodes
All senses are dead now, futility
The dying mind cannot truly see
Cant listen to reason or read a book
Whats on next? Dont know but gotta look
Spoonfed from the TV yea its all we know
The irony lives in an educational show
But it all comes down yea it all comes down
It all comes down to a reality check
The TV does not instruct it infects
True knowledge is all gone we watch our social feeds
To see what’s going on around the world and in our country
But ya know we can’t see what lies beneath
The truth has been taken by a marketing thief
Wake up world there’s the reality check
The media profits from the truth that they neglect
CNN is a joke
Facebook is a joke
Fox news is a joke
What have they taught you?


Soul Pigeon Collaborators

All instruments JimmSlammyJam
All vocals JimmSlammyJam


Words and Music:  JimmySlammyJam

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