Time Dies Album

Album Background

This Soul Pigeon EP was record throughout 2017 with the finishing touches done in 2018.   Rough tracks were recorded in Cincinnati but various instruments and production work was done around the country.

The album first became a concept when Benjo Low and Scorpion D wanted to get together and do some jamming.  In late 2016, they called up JimmySlammyJam and proposed that they get together and do some recording.   They did and then they just couldn’t stop!! And Soul Pigeon was born.

Album Tracks

From the Mountain
Features a guest appearance by BillyRock. Slammin attack on mountains everywhere. Go ahead and climb but be mindful that the face of the mountain isn’t the only thing to explore.    CLICK HERE  to listen and learn more

Shoe Commercial
Nike / Vans???….this song is up for sale. We dare you. Come on!! You want to use it and think of the liberating revenues it would bring to the Pigeons. Feed the Pigeons!!   CLICK HERE to listen and learn more

February’s Moon
Lex and JimmySlammyJam wrote in 1996. The original plan was it could only be played on February 29 (leap year). Don’t listen to it until the next leap year for the full effect.  CLICK HERE to listen and learn more

Time Dies
It’s the little things that mean everything. Take both hands and grab it fast because the world won’t wait. Special thanks to BillyRock for guest crooning. And a guest laugh track by Hendrix!! Love you!!   CLICK HERE to listen and learn more

Anything I Could For You
If your heart doesn’t come when you call then you should get a new dog. Written for a friend who lost himself but fortunately turned things around.  CLICK HERE to listen and learn more

Something Less
Written about the impact that change has on kids.  CLICK HERE to listen and learn more

Living For Sunshine
One long recording session over multiple days with multiple rounds (we mean takes…..actually no….we mean rounds). Taste the sunshine for yourself.   CLICK HERE to listen and learn more

Feed the Pigeons

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