The birth of a single: The story behind “Falls To Pieces”

Drummer Chad Wieland, bassist Ben Lindenberger and guitarist Jim Hansbauer have been essentially a power trio with invited guests on various tracks. At the beginning of 2020, the guys got together to start working on tunes for the 2020 album. The plan was to work on one song at a time and if they found one they really liked they would pre-release it as a single while they continued to record the rest of the album.

Chad and Jim got together and recorded some rough tracks with Jim adding a scratch vocal. Then Laney came in and they worked out a key for the song that best fit.

In February they began recording. They had the rough tracks sketched out for a song when Chad said that maybe his daughter Laney would want to try and do vocals. She had not sung professionally or been in the studio before. But the guys were all about it!

Laney came in and the guys reworked the song to fit her voice. They needed to change the key and instrumentation. When Hansbauer heard Laney’s voice he had an idea for a new song that would be custom made for her voice. That new song was entitled “Falls To Pieces”.

After a few more weeks it was time to have Laney record the final vocal track. The tune really started to gel at that point. Lindenberger came in and put the finishing touches on the tune by filling out the low end with a 5 string bass.

It took a few more weeks of mixing and mastering but it was finally complete. The whole team knew instantly that they should go ahead and release “Falls To Pieces” as the first single. And on April 3rd they did just that and its available on all platforms.

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