How are songwriters paid from streaming services

Songwriters are typically paid for streaming through a combination of mechanical royalties and performance royalties. Mechanical royalties are paid to songwriters for the reproduction and distribution of their musical compositions on platforms like streaming services. Performance royalties are paid to songwriters for the public performance of their songs, including when those songs are streamed onContinue reading “How are songwriters paid from streaming services”

Song completed in 26 years

Some songs are written in a matter of minutes. Some songs take days. And others evolve over time. Such is the case with our tune “Ask The Man”. Ask The Man was written in the early 1990’s and originally performed by a band named “M.U.I.”. The song certainly has a political theme and a bitContinue reading “Song completed in 26 years”

Recording with the BBC Orchestra

For the album “In The Air”, we had a number of tunes that needed orchestrations. In fact, the song “Steppin on Floor Meat” is primarily an orchestral tune. Hiring and recording with an actual orchestra is extremely expensive. But that’s where the amazing folks at Spitfire Audio come in. They have meticulously sampled every orchestralContinue reading “Recording with the BBC Orchestra”

Music in the pandemic

According to Nielsen, listeners streamed enough music between January and the beginning of July that total audio consumption (of which streaming represents 85%) was up nearly 10 points over 2019 for the year so far. This is a good thing for artists with large back catalogs. Yet many artists delayed releasing new music during theContinue reading “Music in the pandemic”

Behind the writing of “Bound”

In 2019, I wrote a song called “Bound”. My original concept was that when you are young you believe you can only accomplish your goals by being dedicated to a destination. You have to strive to reach a specific goal and, in doing so, you are “bound” to get there. I liked the concept andContinue reading “Behind the writing of “Bound””

New Album : Anatomy of a music project

Writing and recording an album is a laborious process. While the technology has certainly become better, easier to use, and very reasonably priced; the reality is the artist still needs to”do the work”. Here is a breakdown of the process and the timeline: Step one Write good songs. A song can come in a flashContinue reading “New Album : Anatomy of a music project”

The birth of a single: The story behind “Falls To Pieces”

Drummer Chad Wieland, bassist Ben Lindenberger and guitarist Jim Hansbauer have been essentially a power trio with invited guests on various tracks. At the beginning of 2020, the guys got together to start working on tunes for the 2020 album. The plan was to work on one song at a time and if they foundContinue reading “The birth of a single: The story behind “Falls To Pieces””

Soul Pigeon added to several Pandora algorithms

You can check out Soul Pigeon on any major streaming platform. Our friends over at Pandora have just placed us on several of their recommendation algorithms and we wanted to thank them for that!!! Great results so far. Please consider downloading Pandora and check out our artist profile And if you do visit our artistContinue reading “Soul Pigeon added to several Pandora algorithms”