The rise of independent music

It’s very satisfying to be an independent artist. Artists can pursue their own path without any unwanted influences and publish it on their own terms. The independent artist is on a fairly level playing field with major recording artists. The rise of Post Malone is a great example of how an artist can produce theirContinue reading “The rise of independent music”

A good song: do the chords matter?

There are some truly brilliant songwriters out there who are coming up with amazing songs using the most basic chords out there. Musically, I like to hear something fresh and not the same three chords (I, IV, V).   There are a few songwriters that really deliver.  Paul Simon would be one songwriter that comes toContinue reading “A good song: do the chords matter?”

Words: The fuel to musical inspiration

There is nothing better than stringing some words together that just somehow fit perfectly and having an entire song burst forth.   Maybe is something you hear in a conversation or an idea that springs from a book; wherever the inspiration sometimes the words just start flowing. When that happens for me I turn to aContinue reading “Words: The fuel to musical inspiration”

Chords that sing

I’m always playing around with different chords. Whether it’s chord substitutions, inversions, or voicings I get inspired by the sound they create. Here are a few of my favorites Voicing I love 7/9 chords. I end up using them everywhere. If you don’t know 7/9 chords they are super easy and, properly used, can giveContinue reading “Chords that sing”

Behind the scenes – writing a song

Writing a song is not like following a well marked trail, there are literally hundreds of ways you can go. However, the western musical scale only has twelve notes and the majority of songs have only a few chords. But that framework has produced millions of songs. A songwriter gets a hint of a musicalContinue reading “Behind the scenes – writing a song”