How are songwriters paid from streaming services

Songwriters are typically paid for streaming through a combination of mechanical royalties and performance royalties. Mechanical royalties are paid to songwriters for the reproduction and distribution of their musical compositions on platforms like streaming services. Performance royalties are paid to songwriters for the public performance of their songs, including when those songs are streamed onContinue reading “How are songwriters paid from streaming services”

Dissonance in Music

Think of your favorite song and I promise you it has some dissonance.  Dissonance is a somewhat “off-putting” feeling or sound that you experience in a song.   The only way dissonance works is that it resolves to something non-dissonant.  Music is just like life, it just simply can’t be all smooth and perfect. There isContinue reading “Dissonance in Music”

The rise of independent music

It’s very satisfying to be an independent artist. Artists can pursue their own path without any unwanted influences and publish it on their own terms. The independent artist is on a fairly level playing field with major recording artists. The rise of Post Malone is a great example of how an artist can produce theirContinue reading “The rise of independent music”