Words: The fuel to musical inspiration

There is nothing better than stringing some words together that just somehow fit perfectly and having an entire song burst forth.   Maybe is something you hear in a conversation or an idea that springs from a book; wherever the inspiration sometimes the words just start flowing.

When that happens for me I turn to a note taking application called Evernote.   Evernote allows me to quickly capture words on my phone.  I can even dictate them so I can get things written down quickly. The other thing I love about Evernote is I can search my past ideas quickly.

When inspiration hits I follow these two primary principles

  • Speed
    • I attempt to get as many words flowing as fast as possible.   I will use “non words” to keep things moving.  I don’t edit or even think about what is coming out.  I push myself to write as quickly as I possibly can
  • No format or style
    • I purposely stay away from any conventions of form or rhyming structure.   The goal is just to let the words flow so I forgive myself any “mistakes” of not rhyming or using to many syllables in a stanza.   Instead I just relax and let my mind babble.

When I first got the inspiration for the song “Time Dies“, I was just enamored with the concept of time dying versus time flying.  Everyone says “Time Flies” but in reality time does actually die.  It never comes back.   So I just starting writing words as fast as I could about it.   Nearly everything I wrote down that first time made it to the song. The entire song came together in about 10 minutes.

Of course no song comes to life without awesome musicians adding their nuances and interpretations to the song. BillyRock, The Scorpion, and Benjo Low are simply the best. Great musicians make the song!!!

Listen to Time Dies on Spotify by clicking here

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